The Ryzen 7000 Delid-Die-Mate is a tool for removing the heat spreaders ("delidding") on AMD Ryzen 7000 processors. By removing the heat spreader, the CPUs can be cooled via "Direct Die", for example. With the so-called "Direct Die" method, the CPU cooler is mounted directly on the CPU dies and the I/O die of the processor. By omitting the heat spreader in the cooling circuit, a significantly optimised heat transfer from the die to the CPU cooler is possible.

  • Compatible with Ryzen 7000 CPUs
  • Delidding tool
  • Made from aluminium

Why "Delidding" & Direct Die Method on Ryzen 7000? Delidding is the process of removing the processor's heat spreader. On unsoldered processors, delidding is usually used to replace the thermal interface material (TIM) between the CPU die and the heat spreader with high-quality thermal paste or liquid metal before the heat spreader is remounted.

However, as the Ryzen 7000 processors are soldered, this is not an option as removing the indium solder would create too large a gap between the IHS and CPU dies. Therefore, the Ryzen 7000 CPUs are primarily delidded for possible mounting of the CPU cooler directly on the CPU dies. In the case of Ryzen 7000 CPUs, this would be the I/O die (IOD) and one or two CPU dies (CCDs), so called chiplets. By omitting the heat spreader and mounting the CPU cooler directly on the die, experience shows that temperatures can be reduced by 10-20°C if liquid metal such as Conductonaut is used as TIM. Corresponding tests were carried out by the content creators and Tech-YouTubers Roman "der8auer" Hartung, a professional overclocker and engineer, and Jason "JayzTwoCents" Langevin.

These enormous temperature improvements through Direct Die are due, among other things, to the heatspreader of the Ryzen 7000 processors. The heat spreaders for the AM5 platform, introduced with Ryzen 7000, are thicker than older heat spreaders, such as AM4. This was done to make older CPU coolers compatible with AM4 also compatible with the AM5 platform. In addition, the surface area of the Ryzen 7000 heat spreaders is significantly smaller at approx. 910 mm² compared to AM4 with 1,300 mm².

Since the chiplets of the Ryzen CPU could possibly be damaged when the CPU cooler is mounted using the Direct Die method, as has happened with old AMD processors of the Athlon XP generation, among others, we offer the Ryzen 7000 Direct Die Frame. This covers the edges of the PCB and reduces the risk of damage when mounting the CPU cooler on the Dies.

Attention: Removing the heat spreader ("delidding") of a processor is done at your own risk! Removing the heat spreader of the CPU voids the manufacturer's warranty! Damage to the CPU during delidding is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty!


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